Friday, 7 February 2014

Add multiple jar files using tLibraryLoad component in Talend ETL

Hi guys,
As part of my project I've explored tLibraryLoad component usage.

I needed to add multiple jar files using tLibraryLoad component and initially I used as many tLibraryLoad components for as many jar files and tired of adding them.

Then after googling and seeking help from expertise I've done the below.. This might be useful for Talend developers.

Aim of the post:
Adding multiple jar files using tLibraryLoad component.

    1) Drag and drop tLibraryLoad component from Palette section to ETL design area.
    2) Click on the component to View it’s basic settings.
    3) Whatever the files you want to use in your job , you need to add all those jar files to the lib folder of Talend installed location.
·         For instance : D:\Talend\TOS_DI-r96646-V5.1.3\TOS_DI-r96646-V5.1.3\lib\java
·         Restart your talend
    4) When you use tLibraryLoad component, initially you must add a default jar file.(For eg: from the drop down select jdbc14.jar file even though there is no use of this jar file with in your job).
   5)   Next, click on Advanced settings and then keep on clicking + Symbol for the number of jar files you want to add.
   6)  Give the jar file names in double quotes.
a.       For instance : "poi-examples-3.9-20121203.jar"
b.      "poi-excelant-3.9-20121203.jar"
c.       "poi-ooxml-3.9-20121203.jar"
d.      And etc.
(These jar files are taken from "Apache POI - for Microsoft Excel)

    7)  Test whether the jar files are coming or not when you export the job.
Answer is yes, when you export the job containing tLibraryLoad, it’ll export all the jars added in it to lib folder of export.

A quick understanding image is given below.